Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?
Is the USA ready for a female or black president?

The question is whether the USA is ready for a female or black president or not. In my essay i will mention some aspects like their popularity and their knowledge or ignorance towards such a high office.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is a very good candidate. She is very involved and people like her. Hillary Clinton says what is in her mind and she doesn't retract a statement. I think this
are very good abilities for someone who wants to become president. But sometimes it is better if you can retract a statement if you recognized that you are wrong. For example there is the fact that Hillary Clinton has first supported Bush in the statement that they should start the war,but most people like Barack Obama were against the war. Now as more and more people in her party stand against the war ,she is not up to admit that her idea to support the war was not a very good one. This fact makes some people think and consider supporting Barack Obama. But the number of people who consider supporting Barack Obama is not worth mentioning, because there are other good aspects of Hillary Clinton.
One of this aspects is that Hillary Clinton has been 'First Lady'. So the people believer she can use her experiences if she becomes president. Another reason is that the people have good memories of the time when her husband has been president; they would like him to become 'First Husband'.
An opinion poll said that one third of the Americans is satisfied with George W. Bush as president but two thirds were satisfied with her husband Bill Clinton. But besides the people believe that Hillary Clinton will not just copy the ideas of her husband but she will have her one ones. The fact that she could be the first female president doesn't matter. In any case it won't decrease the chance of her. The Americans are not skeptical as the German were when Angela Merkel got Federal Chancellor. As we can see Angela Merkel is doing her work very well and maybe the Americans will compare her with Hillary Clinton if she becomes president. But there us another woman she could be compared with Ségoléne Royal. But I don't think that the defeat of her makes a difference in the hopes of people ,who hope that if Hillary Clinton becomes president some already known and maybe missed things might be brought back to America. So from this you know ,i think America is more than ready for a female president.